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My name is Richard Shigeto Hosonuma, Managing Director & Founder of Le Cervin Wealth Management.

I am a member of the fourteenth generation of a traditional Japanese family that comes from the northern part of Greater Tokyo. Our family history can be traced back to the Edo Period, about 350 years ago.

代表写真 細沼 秀人 / Richard Shigeto Hosonuma

Since early childhood I was advised by my parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents that ‘Japan is the best place to live in the world, and there is no good to be gained from travelling overseas.’ However, growing up I was exposed to American and European culture through movies, television and magazines, and I started to think that someday I would like to live abroad. I realised this ambition after about twenty years of working in a department store in Japan.

From the moment I entered the world of work, I began to invest in stocks and shares under the influence of my grandfather. In this way, I managed to capitalise on the BRICs investment boom, inspired by reports written by Jim O’Neill from Goldman Sachs.

While continuing to study English and to invest, I moved to Hong Kong and then to the United Kingdom to attain a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Lancaster University, which is ranked highly in the Global MBA Ranking. Two years later, I went on to complete the Cambridge Financial Management Programme of Achievement at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School.

For a while I was employed by a Japanese-affiliated company in north-eastern England, but then decided to launch my own consulting business. In this venture, my specialisation is to support immigration for the purposes of asset management. In this way, I am able to use my professional experience combined with the knowledge of finance and accounting acquired through my Lancaster MBA and my studies at Cambridge. The extensive network of contacts I forged during my studies in the UK together with the professional expertise gained there proved very helpful when founding Le Cervin Wealth Management.

Our mission is to help our clients successfully plan their immigration to countries they are not familiar with, as well as to optimise their asset management goals. As consultants, we focus our efforts for the benefit of our clients, their families and their associates.

Le Cervin Wealth Management Consultants

Richard Shigeto Hosonuma


Office Name Le Cervin Wealth Management Consultants
Representative Richard Shigeto Hosonuma
Malta Office Address:Sullivan Travel Centre, 102C, Old College Street, Sliema SLM1379 Malta
Phone: +356 2134 2167
Sales and Marketing Representative
Masahiro Taniguchi
Nice Office Address:Groupe Pierre Botto, 22 Avenue Notre Dame, 06000, Nice, France
Phone: +33 492 47 73 21
Partner, Consultant
Junichi Muraki
Athens Office Address:32 Gravias Str., Dafni-Athens, 17235
Phone:+30 210 4101806
Executive Director, Greece and Southern Europe
Konstantinos Bouzis
Shanghai Office Address:No 69, No.329 Xinhua Road, Shanghai, China
Phone:+86 136 0198 6208
Managing Director, China
Margaret Zhao
Tokyo Office COMING SOON
Nagoya Office Address:6F Seijo Building, 4-11-18 Osu, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aicchi 460-0011
(Tai Valuation Services Co., Ltd. For attention of Immigration Officer)
Tai Valuation Services Co., Ltd.
Managing Director
Yoshihisa Tai
Description of Business ・Supporting immigration for investors
・Supporting acquisition of citizenship
・Opening of accounts in Swiss private banks
・Overseas real estate brokerage
・Supporting formation of a family office
・Other assistance related to immigration
Immigration Destinations United Kingdom / Switzerland / Monaco / Malta / Cyprus / Moldova / Spain / Portugal / Greece / United States / Canada / St. Kitts and Nevis / Antigua and Barbuda / Hong Kong / Singapore / Malaysia / Thailand / Australia / New Zealand